4 Things You Need to Know About a Scissor Lift Platform

4 Things You Need to Know About a Scissor Lift Platform

Today, there are many variants of such platforms in the market. So, you will confront challenges when you need to choose one for your business.

Therefore, you should mentally empower yourself with the essential tips to choose the right scissor platform for your business.

Given the consequences, the following four tips are the best ones to land on the perfect scissor platform, according to our assessment.

#1. Examine The Lifting Height and Capacity

It is crucial to do the due diligence of researching the lifting height and capacity of your prospective scissor lifting platform.

In the market, you will find various models of varying height and capacity. And, the research can help you to get the best equipment for your business.

Remember, selection of the wrong equipment can erode efficiency of your business. 

#2. Assess the Operating Environment

The operating environment of your business can impact your scissor lifting platform significantly. Therefore, you should not fail to assess the operating environment of your business before selecting a scissor lifting platform.

In spaces, such as the meeting room, and exhibition hall, with low noise, the noise-free pump station should be considered, as that will reduce noise pollution and interference to life.

If you will use the scissor lift outdoors, check the power supply mechanism. Ensure that a battery or diesel generator can be used as a power source.

Again, if you need to operate the scissor lifting platform in a low temperature environment, the battery is the right option; a diesel generator can pose problems in a low temperature environment.

#3. Check the Configuration

Next, check the configuration of your prospective scissor lifting platform. Remember, different configurations elicit different results. Therefore, take into account the surrounding environment and the requirements to determine the right configuration of your prospective scissor lifting platform. 

#4. Determine the Frequency of Use

Finally, you should figure out the frequency of use for your prospective scissor lifting platform. And, you should state the frequency to the sales rep as that will help the rep to show you the appropriate equipment, designed to suit the use frequency.

If you happen to purchase a scissor lifting platform  not designed to handle the weight of your business, it may either malfunction or break down.

Therefore, you should invest in a scissor lifting platform designed to withstand the weight of your business.

As there are many kinds of scissor lifting platforms in the market, and they are also called Movable Scissors you might tend to regard the expensive ones as the best platforms to choose for your business. But that is a wrong notion because the most expensive is not necessarily the best.

Instead, choose a suitable scissor lift to yield the maximum results for your business.

Again, you can conduct the power test to identify the performance of your prospective scissor lifting platform.

It is a good idea to take help from the manufacturer’s technical personnel to test the performance of your prospective equipment to ensure its effectiveness.

The Common Issues With Scissors Lifts

Before investing in a scissors lift, you should be aware of the fact that maintaining a scissor lifting platform is not a straightforward affair.

You might see your scissor lift developing certain issues, which can bring in inconvenience to affect the work efficiency. And, the problems could aggravate if you fail to resolve them on time.

Therefore, you should make efforts to figure out the possible issues and the corresponding solutions before investing in a scissor lift for your business.

Problem: The lifting process does not stopped

Solution: Replace the travel switch, as it is usually caused by a damaged switch.

Problem: The control handle and the button of the distribution box are damaged.

Solution: Repair or replace the handle or button.

Problem: The scissors lift platform cannot lift

Solution: It could be due to overloading. So, reduce the weight.

 The safe operation of the scissor lift table is crucial as the goods it handles are heavy. And, any bad operation can compromise with the safety element.

Therefore, you should acquaint yourself with the best practices of using such a lift. And, the best practices are as follows:

Pre-use Stage

First, make sure the hydraulic oil is not leaking and that the level is correct. If necessary, refill the oil. Additionally, make sure the liquid level is appropriate, the battery fluid is not leaking, and add distilled water if necessary. Meanwhile, make sure all of the labels are legible, clear, and placed correctly. 

Component Inspection

Second, check and confirm that none of the parts of the scissor lift platforms—including the electrical parts, hydraulic hoses, battery packs, drive motors, gaskets, tyres, wheels, limit switch, platform overload component, indicator light, platform control handle, brake parts, etc.—are broken, improperly installed, missing, or compromised. 

Crack Inspection

Lastly, examine the scissor lift platform to see if there are any cracks, dents, or structural or other damage. Ensure that all structural components and other essential components are present, and that all associated fasteners and pins are securely in place and tightened. Again, ensure the battery is connected properly and that the oil pump tray is closed and locked. 

Set Up the Scissor Lift on a Stable, Level Surface

Check the ground surface before setting up the scissor lift. And, ensure that the surface is stable and level. Also, make sure that the four tyres are firmly attached on a horizontal plane. 

Figure Out the Total Weight 

The weight of the goods that need to be loaded must be calculated beforehand. Do not use the equipment if the weight of the cargo exceeds the lifting platform’s maximum load capacity. If you do so, it could harm the scissor lifting platform or put the operator at risk. 


You will be able to raise the efficiency and productivity of your business by investing in a scissor lift platform. But you should also refrain from purchasing it straightaway. Instead, you should do the essential homework before procuring one.

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