5 Vape Tricks to Impress Your Friends

About vaping

Vaping has become increasingly popular among all generations and in all countries worldwide. A large part of the growing popularity of vaping is based on the possibility of having fun with your device while enjoying a variety of unique flavors.

If you’ve recently picked up on vaping, you’ve surely started experimenting with your vaping device. Nevertheless, without any guidance, experimenting can quickly turn into frustration if you can’t seem to achieve the desired results.

That’s why this article can help you in mastering the top five vape tricks you can use to impress your friends.

About vaping

Vaping is a new trend that quickly gained worldwide popularity. It uses electronic devices and special liquids, also known as e-juices. The vaper uses the device to warm up the liquid, vaporize it, and inhale it. In addition to providing a tasty sensation, vapers can play around with vapor when exhaling and create some fantastic tricks.

Vapers can choose from a wide selection of different vape devices and e-liquids, which allows them to create their ultimate combination. So, if you’re interested in creating some awesome vape tricks, purchase a powerful mod, and  discover vaporesso products at best rates here and start perfecting your technique.

A good mod

What you need

Vaping beginners often think they have everything they need for the successful execution of impressive vape tricks, but that’s not necessarily the case. Namely, if you want to excel from the rest, you’ll have to pick the appropriate tools to assist you during the entire process.

A good mod

You can’t purchase just about any vape pen and expect it to perform amazingly. Vape pens are used by people who are interested in ease of use. Contrarily, box mods are used by people who want strong performance from their devices.

Doing tricks with your vape device is quite a demanding activity that can overheat many devices, which is why you need to get a powerful mod. That way, you’ll be able to practice your tricks and perfect them in a short time.

A strong battery

Although this is closely connected to the previous point, you need to ensure your mod has a strong battery that will withstand even the most demanding activities.

Purchasing a box mod is a good step, but it doesn’t automatically equip you with a strong battery. Instead, take a look at different battery properties to find your winning product.

A strong battery doesn’t only mean it can equip your device with enough energy for powerful activities. It also implies fast charging and long-lasting battery life.

Kind of ejuice can also affect how good you are in vape tricks. Vape liquids contain two main ingredients – propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG). PG is mainly responsible for flavor intensity and throat hit, while VG focuses more on cloud production.

The right ejuice

Therefore, a PG and VG ratio will significantly determine how much vapor you get.

Essentially, you’ll want to aim at a higher VG ratio. Most people find 70% VG – 30% PG to be the most optimal ratio as it equips them with a lot of vapor without completely losing the flavor. So, for impressive vape tricks, this is something you’ll want to be careful about.

The technique

Finally, the technique plays a significant role. Focus on practicing various vape tricks to improve your technique. Over time, you’ll become better and better, which will allow you to advance to even more complex tricks you can master.

Top 5 vape tricks

Top 5 vape tricks

There are many popular vape tricks out there. However, we chose to select the top 5 tricks that look amazing but require a lot of time and effort to master. If you plan on impressing your friends with some fresh vape tricks, here are the five best ones.

Ghost vapes

One of the most impressive yet straightforward tricks you can use is the ghost vape or the ghost inhale. Because you’ll quickly exhale and inhale the vapor, you’ll create an illusion of a ghost appearing and disappearing. Here are the steps for this trick:

  • Take a good drag from your vape device
  • Hold the drag in your mouth for several seconds
  • Use your tongue to push all the vapor into a ball
  • Exhale and allow the entire amount of vapor to burst at the same time
  • Rapidly inhale the vapor back into your mouth.


Blowing O’s or rings is one of the most famous and fundamental tricks. Here’s how to do it:

  • Inhale as you would regularly, mouth to lung
  • Position your mouth in the O letter shape and purse your lips
  • Push out the O’s by using your throat

After a few failures, this trick is more practice than knowledge, so don’t give up on it. The position of your mouth is the crucial step, which is why you should focus on making the right shape. If you get rings that are too thin, try inhaling more vapor. However, if your rings quickly drop, add more power into your push.


If you have mastered the rings, you’ll probably want to move on to different shapes. Triangles are simple yet just as impressive.

  • Create dense O’s or rings by following the previous guide
  • Push down the ring with your hands to form a triangle, or
  • Tap the ring two times to create a triangle

Timing is the crucial part of making triangles. Pay attention to the timing of your pushes and taps to create clean and nice-looking triangles.



The waterfall is one of the most impressive vape tricks out there, although it’s surprisingly easy to master.

  • Use a bottle that contains a small amount of frozen water inside
  • Blow the vapor into the bottle
  • Try to pour the vapor out of the bottle

As a result, you’ll get the moving vapor that looks like water.


The tornado trick became viral, and it’s still one of the trendiest vape tricks you can learn.

  • Find a flat and empty surface such as the table
  • Inhale as much vapor as you can
  • Exhale the vapor as slowly as possible
  • Scoop the smoke up by raising your hands and twisting your palm up

The vapor should rise and swirl, resembling a tornado.

The bottom line

With these ultimate five vape tricks, you can become the most incredible person on the block in no time. None of these vape tricks is hard to master as you’ll just need some free time, a good vape mod, an appropriate ejuice, and dedication. With enough time and practice, you’ll be able to show these impressive tricks to your friends.


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