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Creating a CV is the marketing task of presenting yourself to the job market. Everything matters in this process: the brevity and clarity of your positioning, the relevance of your previous experience to the position for which you are applying, your uniqueness and particularity, the ease of appearance of your CV for prompt consideration.

You can order resume of any specialist or executive in all fields.

Competently made resume will greatly increase your chances of finding a good job!

Why apply to professionals?

Specialist will contact you, answer your questions and conduct mini-interview. You will receive your resume and recommendations on how to get a job in no time!

Having worked as a senior HR manager for many years in large companies, our specialists know which forms employers usually do not consider and which provide real reasons for inviting a candidate for an interview.

Our extensive practical experience allows us to provide professional resume writing services to order. In their daily work professional resume writing services always use knowledge of current trends in the job market and help create a high quality and competent resume that will surely help you find the position you want.

Creating a CV is a sure step in finding a promising job.

Why it is necessary?

All features of a desired position will be taken into account, as well as requirements of employers to the candidate for a certain vacancy. The qualifications, work experience, key skills, as well as personal qualities and achievements will be highlighted.

The task of CVs is to present the experience of the candidate and, subsequently, advantageously “sell” to the employing company.

The benefits of a resume to order are obvious:

You do not spend time to write, analyze and collect the information, and describe your professional successes.

You only search for interesting vacancies and respond to them already ready professional resume.

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It has a certainф structure and is not overloaded with unnecessary information. All data contained in the application form is informative, meaningful, convenient and easy to understand for
the employer. The salary expectations and requirements for the future workplace are also taken into consideration.


TopResume has over 1,500 resume creators who have good customer service and offer a large number of new changes in resume writing. You will be able to immediately track your existing documents and get some information before you buy one of TopResume’s plans.


ZipJob wants to make resume writing the least hassle possible and provides fast service with a guarantee. It offers a three-tiered tariff option to choose from

But as good as these services are, and you’re not sure which one to choose, Zipjob vs Topresume? Choose ResumeGets and you will not go wrong! Entrust it to professionals!

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