How to make a selling resume: the head of the retail chain?

How to make a selling resume: the head of the retail chain

If you haven’t been actively searching for a job in the last couple of years, your knowledge of resume form, design, and content is no longer relevant. Use the guidelines for writing a modern resume for the following positions:


Before looking for a new job, you should conduct a SWOT analysis of professional competencies, and based on this case study create a resume that will be adapted to the current requirements of the labor market for your position/field/specialty.

Search Objective

The wording of your search objective should be located at the beginning of your resume. In case you want to respond to a job whose position title is different from your current position, then change it to the one listed in the vacancy.

Position Profile: Retail Manager

Job profile is a benchmark of an ideal candidate that contains a list of requirements to the knowledge, skills, qualifications of the candidate required to successfully perform the duties of the position. The job description is a short version of the job profile, which includes a list of mandatory requirements for the initial selection of candidates on the resume.


These are the key words/word combinations that HR managers use to select candidates from resumes.

Examples of Retail Manager Achievements

The main points of attraction on a resume are accomplishments. Give specific examples of what you have done in your current/previous jobs. Use the examples suggested below as a basis for creating your own results. They should reflect the key KPIs of your work in relation to the objectives of the position for which you are currently applying.

Key Skills

The following should outline the skills that are required to be successful in the position: retail manager.

Professional Qualifications

A list of the personal qualities that are required for the required level of job performance. This is an optional section of your resume to fill out.

Examples for the “About Me”/cover letter writing section

The “about me” section is a general description of your professional background. It can be in the form of a short 1-4 sentence paragraph or a bulleted list. Include those aspects of your qualifications that are integral to the position, such as areas of expertise, core competencies, technical skills, licenses, certifications, and additional education.

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