Lower your Summer Expenses with these Low-Cost Cooling Solutions

Keeping your home cool on the inside while the sun is strikingly hot on the outside is a problem. Summer season means the sun is beating down on your house causing the temperature in your home to rise to uncomfortable levels. Gladly, air-conditioning systems provide some cooling relief. The problem is, however, that turning on your air conditioner during the summer months can significantly boost your energy bill.

Take note that there are many different cooling solutions, which you can do to cut energy consumption and utility bill expenses.

Opt for natural cooling

Prevention of heat buildup is a must to keep your indoors cool. This can be done effectively through natural methods, such as reflecting and blocking the heat. Reflecting heat can be effectively achieved by painting your roof with light colors; light-colored surfaces reflect more heat than dark-colored ones. Since your roof receives direct sunlight, you want to reflect heat as much as possible. Blocking, on the other hand, can be achieved putting shades around the house. Good shading can be provided by trees that should be strategically placed on the side of the house that receives most of the sun’s heat. It’s an inexpensive cooling solution and a great way to boost the aesthetic look of your home.

Do regular air-conditioning unit maintenance

Because cooling systems are the biggest energy user at almost all homes, you should work to keep it well-maintained.Dirty air filters, for instance, reduce efficient air flow and make your air-conditioning system work harder and consume more electricity. Always check your air filters periodically and replace it whenever necessary to ensure that your air-conditioner is working efficiently.

Keep vents, ducts and condenser well-maintained

For centralized home cooling units, always check the air ducts for adequate insulation. Let a specialist check your ducts and vents to make sure that air is flowing smoothly and make permanent repairs if there are leaks or holes in the vents. If you’re using window air-conditioning units, make sure the condenser is placed in the shady area of the house, because it uses more electricity when exposed to direct sunlight. Similarly, do not obstruct the condenser with tall bushes or ornamental grasses, because it blocks air flow, making your unit work harder and consumemore electricity.

Use fans

Floor fans and ceiling fans cannot cool as much as air-conditioners do, but they are good alternative cooling solutions, especially during the not-so-hot days. Just make sure to keep yourfan blades clean and properly running for maximum efficiency.

Reduce home activities during daytime

Whatever you do around the house generates indoor heat and contributes to the overall increase in the temperature in your home. If you have household chores, such as washing clothes or cooking, you should do  it early in the morning or in the evening, when the temperature is still not hot.  If you’re working on something, try doing it near a window instead of turning on the lights.  Lights generate heat, which make your air-conditioner or fan work harder.

Take a shower

A good way to freshen up and feel cool is to take a cool and quick shower, especially during the hottest time of the day.  It doesn’t cost much, because you’ll be using the water minimally, as compared to the electric cost when you have the fan or air-conditioner turned on for the most of the day.Cutting energy costs during summer season is not as hard as it looks. There are simple things you can effectively cool your home without using the air conditioner continually. You can have lower summer expenses and more savings. These savings can be used for more important expenses like paying loans and other bills in order to maintain a good credit score all year round. You should always check your free credit report regularly to get updated.


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