Tata Technologies Share Price In Grey Market Touches New Heights

Tata Technologies

A wave of optimism can be seen among the investors who hold Tata Technologies unlisted shares, as the company recorded a positive growth in the past few months. The share price of Tata Technologies fluctuates, but the recent surges have shown noteworthy upturns in its value. And it has shot up about 30% as the company considered partial disinvestment through an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This rise in share prices of Tata Technologies has been the showstopper, as it rose around 100% in a year, from Rs. 400 per share to around Rs.800 recently. 

If you are planning to buy Tata Technologies unlisted shares amidst the rising valuations and the news of a rise in unlisted share prices, you must research well before finalising your decisions and connect with an expert if you are a beginner in the field. 

Tata Technologies: A Brief Introduction 

A subsidiary of Tata Group, Tata Technologies is the group’s engineering and design arm. As a  global leader in engineering, outsourcing and product development IT services, the company uses innovation and technology to manufacture and design cutting-edge solutions for its consumers. Tata Technologies develops engineering subsystems, manages the NPI(New Product Introduction) Product Lifecycle Management(PLM) and provides IT service management to automotive and aerospace equipment manufacturers and suppliers. 

Tata Technologies has more than 11,000 innovators and researchers  around the globe, along with 19 global delivery centres. The company has a global delivery model that spans three continents: Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. Tata Technologies offers its services and encompasses the domain of engineering R&D, Digital Enterprise Services, Education and software development services.

The company has been in operation since 1989, acquired 100% equity in INCAT International UK in 2005 and is the 15th largest IT company according to the Fortune India Infotech Industry ranking. The recent surges in the prices of the shares have made it a more lucrative trading option for investors. So, if you also want to buy and sell unlisted shares, you can connect with the experts. 

Tata Technologies Unlisted Share Prices

Tata Technologies is one of the largest blue-chip companies trading in the unlisted market domain and is giving significant returns to its shareholders. The company’s current market capitalisation stands at Rs. 36,581Cr. and 405,668,530 outstanding shares. The trend and outlook for the unlisted shares of the company are extremely bullish. 

The graph shows an uptrend in the company’s share prices. There are several reasons associated with this trend, one of them being the news of the IPO that the company intends to file. After the company filed its DRHP (Draft Red Herring Prospectus) to launch its IPO in the primary market, the unlisted share price of the company increased. Currently, Tata Technologies unlisted share price is at Rs. 845. 

Total Available Shares:1000
Face Value:Rs.  2 Per Equity Share
Lot Size:50 Shares
Current Unlisted Share Price:Rs. 845 Per Equity Share

A Debut In The Primary Market 

After filing the DRHP with the Securities Exchange, investors eagerly wait for the company to be listed in the primary market. As soon as SEBI gives a green signal to the DRHP, the engineering arm of the Tata Group will launch its IPO. 

The IPO plans include an Offer for Sale (OFS) of  95.71 million shares, which amounts to a 23.6 per cent stake in the company via the sale of these shares. It consists of 81.13 million equity shares by Tata Motors, 9.72 million equity shares by Alpha TC Holdings Pte Ltd and 4.86 million equity shares by Tata Capital Growth Fund. The company will launch its Initial Public Offering(IPO) as soon as the DRHP gets approved by SEBI. 

Why Consider Buying Tata Technologies Ltd. Unlisted Shares

If making multifold out of the unlisted share market is your goal, then investing in the right companies and creating a diverse portfolio becomes necessary. So before investing in the unlisted stock market, it becomes essential to assess the company before adding it to the portfolio. Here is an assessment of Tata Technologies and why investing in its unlisted shares can be an excellent option to get multiple returns. 

The company has shown significant financial growth in the past few years and has improved net sales, profits and total income in the financial year 2022-23.

 The company’s shareholding pattern has also helped investors to instil trust in the unlisted share of the company. Tata Motors holds a 72.48% stake, and Alpha TC has an 8.96% share in the company. 

Along with proper research regarding the company, finding the right trading platform to buy and sell unlisted shares is essential. Stockify can put an end to all such needs related to trading in the unlisted market. 

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