Which Scooter is Good for the Hilly Areas? Check this Shocking List

Which Scooter is Good for the Hilly Areas

All love Scooter. It has trendy style, outlook and unique specifications that make it everyone’s favourite. Often we wonder whether we take the scooty on hilly areas or not! This is an excellent question that needs to be answered. Well, yes, there are many scooters that you can take to the hilly areas. These scooters’ power is magnificent for users even to take it to the hilly terrains.

Choosing to buy second hand scooty in Pune is a perfect idea. The scooters like Vespa, Hero Pleasure, Honda Dio, and Maestro Edge 110 are the best scooters that have a 110cc engine, covering a mileage of 50 kmpl. These are all budget-friendly scooters that are perfect for the hilly area.

The uneven off-road geographies are the real test for the two-wheelers. The challenge is mainly with the engine. Choosing a scooter that will make your journey in the hilly areas comfortable is important. Most adventure bikes are taken to the mountain or hilly areas for a firm grip. Scooters have a strong grip and a user-friendly approach for long rides these days.

Why are scooters very reliable?

The scooter is the most reliable two-wheeler of all time. The key to reliability is regular servicing and maintenance, but choosing the right scooter for the work is ideal for making your journey comfortable. A small engine is not going to perform well at high speed. So as a buyer, you need to understand the capacity of the scooter. There are a significant number of maxi-scooters that are considered to be highly useful and convenient for the users. The choice depends on the usage, and it helps to maximise your enjoyment on your most loved scooty.

If you are choosing to buy used scooty, you can do so. Further, if you travel further out of Pune, you can potentially go at high speeds and distances on your scooty. A larger cubic capacity machine is the best option to get you from home to work and back in your comfort zone with more excellent safety.

List of the scooters to take in Hilly areas

Here is the list of the top 3 scooters in hilly areas.

1: Vespa

  • Engine Capacity: 124.45 cc
  • Kerb Weight: 114 kgs
  • Fuel Tank: 7.4 liters
  • Top Speed: 95 kmph

One of the leading scooters is the Vespa. It covers various model variants that boast the retro design and curvy model outlook. The round headlamp, chrome finishing, mirrors, grab rails, brake levers, and exhaust cover make it a perfect scooter.

Pros of Vespa

  • Robust steel body panel
  • Light-weighted makes it handy to manoeuvre
  • Brakes deliver a good bite

2: Hero Pleasure +

  • Engine Capacity: 110.9 cc
  • Mileage: 50 kmpl
  • Kerb Weight: 104 kgs
  • Fuel Tank: 4.8 litres

Known to be one of the most user-friendly and swift scooters of all time is the hero Pleasure+. Both males and females think of using this two-wheeler with a combined braking system of both wheels. Whenever convenience is in your mind, Hero is the top bike that is well equipped with decently sized under-seat storage space.

Pros of Hero Pleasure +

  • It has a 110cc engine and is peppy
  • Easy to ride in the city
  • Brakes offer good bite

3: Honda Dio

  • Engine Capacity: 109.51cc
  • Mileage: 48 kmpl
  • Kerb Weight: 105 kg
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 5.3 litres

Choosing a powerful and fantastic scooter like Honda Dio will help you to have a great trip ahead. Honda Dio has introduced two new variants: the Standard and deluxe, with equal technological updates. This scooter is inspired by Honda’s Repsol Racing bike, which gives users many advantages.

Pros of Honda Dio

  • It offers a great mileage
  • Having a great service network
  • Easy to maintain

Is it a good idea to buy 2nd hand scooty?

There is no remarkable difference between a new and a second hand scooty. If you wish to buy 2nd hand scooty in Pune, you should go for it. Buy it from an authentic seller to enjoy good quality. Take a test ride before you buy a used scooty. The genuine platforms offer refurbished scooters, choose one of the top scooters for the hilly area and take your desired trip.